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Oral Hygiene Program Comes to Mexico!

Kids Learn to Brush... and Have Fun Doing It!

Oral hygiene isn’t generally a topic covered in Mexican classrooms but that all changed two weeks ago at an Ensenada elementary school, where DCFC gave oral health lessons to 76 kids on the blacktop of their playground.

While DCFC’s volunteer dentists and students were hard at work administering dental exams and treatments, children gathered outside to learn about the importance of oral hygiene. Each child was partnered with a volunteer to learn proper brushing techniques, with the help of some oversized plastic toothbrushes and set of teeth. The kids couldn’t get enough of the giant teeth, beaming with excitement as they each got their turn. Many of them even turned it into a game, giggling profusely as they tried to get every tooth clean.

But the fun didn’t end there. Each child was then given a fluoride treatment (to prevent future cavities) and their very own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste – luxury items many of the kids hadn't owned until then.

“It was so great to see so many kids having so much fun brushing their teeth!”  –Michelle Rogan, Volunteer

A very big thank you to USC dental student, Kereem Hussain, for heading up our hygiene education program and helping us bring this program to both Haiti and Mexico.

76 Kids Receive $48K Worth of Free Dental Care in Mexico!

Check out the results from our last dental clinic of the year! Over 30 volunteer dentists, USC students and assistants gave 76 children free dental treatments at an Ensenada, Mexico elementary school. This concludes DCFC's fifth Mexico clinic this year and we couldn't have ended the year on a better note!

Our greatest appreciation to the Irvine and Ensenada Rotary Clubs, volunteers and donors who made this clinic and program come to life! YOU make this possible!

Get To Know Dr. Tozzer

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Tozzer began Dental Care for Children with a simple concept. Provide free dental services for children that didn't have access to care. From a single clinic at an orphanage in Maneadero, Mexico, the organization now provides eight clinics a year in Mexico, the United States and Haiti. 

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