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Student Spotlight: USC Student Dina Mismar

Dental Care for Children is very excited to feature our student spotlight for this week! Dina is a DCFC volunteer and a student from Ostrow School of Dentistry, USC. In her earlier years at USC, Dina had been searching for an organization to volunteer with. She remembers thinking that most programs were highly selective and difficult to access. When she came across Dental Care for Children, she felt like she had found what she was looking for. One of the most important principles for Dina was to become involved with an organization that was helping others and actually making a difference. While at the Tustin Smiles Clinic, Dina pointed around the room and said,"Look, everyone here right now is here for the right reasons. We all want to do something for these kids." 

Dina explains her experiences with DCFC to be incomparable to that of any other. Having traveled with DCFC on countless trips to Haiti, Mexico, and to local Southern California clinics, Dina is a true asset to the team. She has helped provide dental care to many children and adults who may have otherwise never had seen a dentist. She feels that the trips to provide dental care to underdeveloped communities are so important because you know you are making a difference in that persons life. She explains that because of the type of diet, lack of resources, and poor oral hygiene knowledge, the type of decay that she has witnessed is different from what she has seen in dental school. For example, in most communities in Haiti, sugar cane is used in their daily diet, which has long standing effects for ones teeth. Dina feels that it is important to be involved and help these patients because she knows and can imagine what kind of pain they are in and that they truly need the dental work. Being able to alleviate someone's pain and be thanked with tears of joy and a smile has made all the difference for Dina. 

If you would like to know how you can help contribute to DCFC visit to view our upcoming clinics and how you can help donate and participate! 

Support DCFC at the Tustin Smiles BBQ Fundraiser!

Summer has arrived and so has our very first Tustin Smiles BBQ Fundraiser! Join Dental Care for Children and the Orange County community for an afternoon of smiles, live music by AGO, games, raffle prizes and of course, lots of BBQ!

The fundraiser will take place on July 20 from 1PM-3PM, directly after the Tustin Screening Clinic. Guests will also have the opportunity to tour the center and see the DCFC team in action!

All proceeds from the event will go towards providing more comprehensive dental care for the children at the center in 2014. Tickets are $30 /person and $50/couple. Email for tickets and more information!

Volunteer Spotlight: USC Student Omar Bajwa

It's no mystery that volunteers are at the heart and soul of Dental Care for Children. Our outreach efforts have been made successful through the dedication and participation of our volunteers and it's because of their tireless work that so many children receive care. Omar Bajwa is one of many student volunteers from USC Ostrow School of Dentistry who has been working with DCFC to provide dental care to children around the world. 

When asked how he became involved, he explained that a friend from school was always going on trips to Haiti and Mexico and had been encouraging him to get involved. At first, he believed this would be a great chance to practice dentistry and be a good humanitarian by helping those who were not fortunate enough to have the same opportunity or quality of dental care as those in the United States, but the experience turned out to be much more! He explains his time spent with DCFC to be extremely rewarding because he had not realized how limited access many have to receiving dental care and the experience proved to be humanizing. Omar has had the opportunity to perform and assist with sealants, fillings, crowns, root canals, and teeth extractions. 

Many of the patients who he has helped may have otherwise never seen a dentist or received these dental services. Omar also believes that medical care and treatments are usually much more common and that dentistry is often times overlooked. Being able to help children, families, and community members while learning about their respective culture is an  opportunity that not many people get to experience and it has left a great impact on his life. Omar is even considering a future in Pediatric Dentistry! 

Dental Care for Children is always welcoming volunteers! You don't need to be a dental student or in the field of dentistry to help. To find out how you can get involved visit our volunteer page and sign up!

Update from the Field - 707 Smiles and Counting!

Dental Care for Children is springing into the new season with plenty to smile about! The support we've received from volunteers and the community over the past few months has enabled our smile squad to accomplish things beyond even our wildest dreams. 

Volunteers joined forces from across the US and Canada to serve 707 patients in need at orphanages, schools and community centers in Haiti and Mexico.

With a whopping 5 clinics under our belt this year, you gave:

152 smiles - Les Cayes, Haiti - January 18-21

204 smiles - Les Cayes, Haiti - February 14-18

93 smiles - Ensenada, Mexico - March 1-3

164 smiles - Les Cayes, Haiti - March 3-9

82 smiles - Ensenada, Mexico - March 15-17

$341,298 worth of free dental care already in 2013!

Not only are these children smiling ear to ear because of the aid our volunteer team has given them, their chance of contracting many bacterial diseases is also significantly decreased. With the help of our supporters, we were also able to give a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste and oral hygiene lesson to every single child. With this education, children have the power to prevent future dental problems and sustain healthy smiles for life. 

A huge thank you to everyone who helped give a smile and a brighter future to these children this year!

152 Kids Helped and $65,000 of Donated Dental Care in Haiti!

Results are in from the very first trip of the year and we couldn't be more excited about the progress made abroad at Hope Orphanage in LesCayes, Haiti!

If you follow DCFC's international work, you know we visit Hope Orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti once per year. But this year, we're going to triple... yes triple, our trips to this beautiful orphanage to spread even more smiles and love to the 600 children residing there!

This Presidents Day weekend, Dr. Roger Abbott led a team of 12 dentists, assistants, and support volunteers from TLC Dental in Atlanta, Georgia to kick off the first trip of the year. Their team hit the ground running and they cared for an astonishing 152 kids during their visit! 

While many children did have the cavities and decay so frequently seen in this area, they were ecstatic to find that many of the children, especially the younger ones, had clean teeth!This is the ever so rewarding result of the continual care and preventative education these children have received over the past several years. This was made possible by YOU! Together we are making a difference! 

A huge thank you to our supporters and the TLC Dental Team for allowing us to give 3X the smiles this year!

Volunteer To Give a Smile in 2013!

For many, the start of a new year means a time for setting goals and resolutions. We at Dental Care for Children are no exception! Our resolution for 2013 - to provide more care & see more children smiling than ever before! To make our resolution a reality, we need your help! This year, DCFC will be holding 12 volunteer dental clinics and who better to help us make a difference than you?

Will you volunteer to give a smile in 2013?

January 18-21 - Les Cayes, Haiti (ESPWA Orphanage-Partner)

February 14-18 - Les Cayes, Haiti (Gigi Orphanage)

March 1-3 - Maneadero, Mexico (Orphanage)

March 3-9 - Les Cayes, Haiti (ESPWA Orphanage-Partner)

March 22-24 - Ensenada, Mexico (Orphanage/School)

May 23-27 - Les Cayes, Haiti (Gigi Orphanage)

June 8 - Irvine, CA (Rotary Smiles Screening Clinic)

June TBD - Tustin, CA (Screening Clinic)

August 29 - Sept. 2 - Les Cayes, Haiti (ESPWA Orphanage)

September 22 - Santa Ana, CA (WSWA)

October 4-6 - Ensenada, Mexico (Felipe Community Center)

November 1-3 - Ensenada, Mexico (Community Center/School)

If you are interested in volunteering at a clinic, email Lindsey for more details.

Can't make it to a clinic? You can still show your support by donating to help get the many supplies needed to run these clinics. 

A donation of just $20 is enough to give 2 children full exams and cleanings! Every $1 donated equals $10 in services. If you'd like to support a clinic, you can do so by clicking the link below.

Get To Know Dr. Tozzer

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Tozzer began Dental Care for Children with a simple concept. Provide free dental services for children that didn't have access to care. From a single clinic at an orphanage in Maneadero, Mexico, the organization now provides eight clinics a year in Mexico, the United States and Haiti. 

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