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Haiti Clinics

Our work in Haiti

There is an abundance of need for dental care among the Haitian community, where many children have not seen a dentist in years, if ever. In recent years, Dental Care for Children has expanded their dental relief efforts to several orphanages in Les Cayes, Haiti, with volunteer trips to orphanages two to three times per year. On these extended trips we are able to several hundred children over the span of a couple days.

It is not uncommon for children and parents to camp out for several days awaiting our arrival at the community centers and orphanages where clinics are held. In one heart-breaking instance, a woman and her child walked over 5 miles barefoot with rotted teeth and a swollen mouth seeking help.

There is no doubt there is an immense need in these communities but with the help of volunteer dentists, students and community members, we are able to make sure that each and every child that seeks our help is seen.

Haiti Clinic Results*

Date City Country Patients Services Provided
25-May-2007 Les Cayes Haiti 104 $45,371
07-Nov-2007 Les Cayes Haiti 122 $35,728
16-Jan-2009 Les Cayes Haiti 84 $37,970
21-May-2009 Les Cayes Haiti 89 $45,455
4-Sep-2009 Les Cayes Haiti 135 $70,709
29-May-2010 Les Cayes Haiti 106 $64,465
03-Sep-2010 Les Cayes Haiti 251 $145,700
17-Feb-2011 Les Cayes Haiti 113 $75,981
27-May-2011 Les Cayes Haiti 162 $120,112
1-Sep-2011 Les Cayes Haiti 257 $123,064
25-May-2012 Les Cayes Haiti 182 $81,935
30-Aug-2012 Les Cayes Haiti 255 $168,981
19-Jan-2013 Les Cayes Haiti 152 $63,695
22-Feb-2013 Les Cayes Haiti 204 $117,934
1-Mar-2013 Les Cayes Haiti 164 $58,299
24-May-2013 Les Cayes Haiti 189 $94,688
30-Aug-2013 Les Cayes Haiti 232 $137,518
17-Jan-2014 Les Cayes Haiti 172 $76,235
21-Mar-2014 Les Cayes Haiti 206 $62,191
29-Aug-2014 Les Cayes Haiti 252 $91,085
23-Mar-2015 Les Cayes Haiti 121 $62,737
15-May-2015 Les Cayes Haiti 176 $129,585

Haiti Reports*

2007_05_26 Haiti 2007_05_26 Haiti (592 KB)

2007_11_07 Haiti 2007_11_07 Haiti (140 KB)

2009_01_18 Haiti 2009_01_18 Haiti (557 KB)

2009_05_24 Haiti 2009_05_24 Haiti (588 KB)

2009_09_04 Haiti 2009_09_04 Haiti (549 KB)

2010_05_29 Haiti 2010_05_29 Haiti (1583 KB)

2010_09_06 Haiti 2010_09_06 Haiti (1665 KB)

2011_02_18 Haiti 2011_02_18 Haiti (1458 KB)

2011_05_30 Haiti 2011_05_30 Haiti (2026 KB)

2011_09_01 Haiti 2011_09_01 Haiti (921 KB)

2012_05_25 Haiti 2012_05_25 Haiti (2208 KB)

2012_09_01 Haiti 2012_09_01 Haiti (458 KB)

2013_01_19 Haiti 2013_01_19 Haiti (1292 KB)

2013_02_25 Haiti 2013_02_25 Haiti (2955 KB)

2013_03_03 Haiti 2013_03_03 Haiti (972 KB)

2013_05_25_Haiti 2013_05_25_Haiti (1046 KB)

2013_09_01_Haiti 2013_09_01_Haiti (613 KB)

2014_01_18_Haiti 2014_01_18_Haiti (1401 KB)

2014_03_21_Haiti_ESPWA 2014_03_21_Haiti_ESPWA (2751 KB)

2014_09_01_Haiti 2014_09_01_Haiti (557 KB)

* Note: Results shown above do not include data from clinics held prior to 2004.

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