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Our work in the U.S.A.

When thinking of those in need, many do not consider the incredible need of children right here in our own country but the need is immense, especially for children and students.

In order for children to enroll in elementary school, California state law requires all students to first pass a dental screening exam. The problem is, many parents can simply not afford this basic exam and it hinders their children from getting the education they need. Dental Care for Children recognized this need and hosts several free screening clinics each summer for students in both Irvine and Los Angeles.

Dental Care for Children host these screening clinics in coordination with the Irvine Unified School District and the Irvine Rotary Club.

USA Clinic Results*

Date City Country Patients Services Provided
6-Nov-2004 Montebello United States 86 $17,297
11-Nov-2005 Irvine United States 62 $23,308
20-Oct-2007 Montebello United States 67 $15,996
17-Oct-2009 Montebello United States 74 $26,565
23-Oct-2010 Montebello United States 34 $15,800
09-Jun-2012 Irvine United States 68 $5,916
22-Sep-2012 Santa Ana United States 66 $49,624
8-Jun-2013 Irvine United States 82 $12,300
20-Jul-2013 Tustin United States 82 $18,250
19-Apr-2014 Santa Ana United States 54 $23,232
14-Jun-2014 Irvine, CA United States 82 $12,048
19-Jul-2014 Tustin, CA United States 82 $29,581
20-Sep-2014 Santa Ana, CA United States 70 $35,522
18-Apr-2015 Fremont United States 27 $8,515
18-Jul-2015 Tustin United States 52 $24,513
8-Aug-2015 Santa Ana B&G Club United States 60 $24,724

U.S.A. Reports

2004_11_06 Montebello 2004_11_06 Montebello (1025 KB)

2005_11_05 Irvine 2005_11_05 Irvine (265 KB)

2005_11_19 Montebello 2005_11_19 Montebello (191 KB)

2007_10_20 Montebello 2007_10_20 Montebello (140 KB)

2009_10_20 Montebello 2009_10_20 Montebello (276 KB)

2010_10_23 Montebello 2010_10_23 Montebello (1925 KB)

2012_09_22_Santa Ana 2012_09_22_Santa Ana (2499 KB)

2013_06_10_Irvine Rotary 2013_06_10_Irvine Rotary (5232 KB)

2013_07_23_Tustin 2013_07_23_Tustin (604 KB)

2013_09_21_Santa Ana 2013_09_21_Santa Ana (576 KB)

2014_04_19_Santa Ana_B&G Club 2014_04_19_Santa Ana_B&G Club (2826 KB)

2014_06_14_Irvine Rotary 2014_06_14_Irvine Rotary (927 KB)

2014_07_19_Tustin 2014_07_19_Tustin (689 KB)

2014_09_20_Santa Ana WSWA 2014_09_20_Santa Ana WSWA (617 KB)

* Note: Results shown above do not include data from clinics held prior to 2004.

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Dr. Charles “Chuck” Tozzer began Dental Care for Children with a simple concept. Provide free dental services for children that didn't have access to care. From a single clinic at an orphanage in Maneadero, Mexico, the organization now provides eight clinics a year in Mexico, the United States and Haiti. 

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